Food Safety

Food safety policies and procedures are essential to ensure students are provided with food that is safe to consume. Tuckshops within private schools are generally required to hold a food licence with their local council if they are to prepare any items on site, with supporting policies and procedures documented.

Our member content below includes information on orientating staff and volunteers to food safety, cleaning, developing templates and the use of home baked items. Those requiring further support can attend a QAST Food Safety Supervisor Course.

For support on food safety you can contact the local Queensland Public Health Unit and Environmental Protection officer.Queensland Health has developed a useful tool for developing a Food Safety Program withnumerous templates included.

Allergy Management

It is important to take measures to keep students with food allergies safe. For more information read the Anaphylaxis guidelines for Queensland state schools

Egg Production

It is important to ensure all produce grown and raised in school kitchen gardens is fit for consumption and maintains food quality. If your school/tuckshop uses eggs raised in its kitchen garden click here for more information.

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