Online Ordering Systems

Technology can make life a lot easier in the tuckshop and by simply encouraging your customers to use online ordering systems you can gain valuable extra minutes at critical times in your food production system, generate daily production lists, access detailed reports and offer valuable services to attract new regular customers and increase sales.

Online Ordering Service Providers

The following directory is a reference guide for schools in Queensland to source online ordering service providers. Scroll down to find contact details for providers who have expressed a commitment to servicing Queensland schools and their tuckshops. State schools please note DETSOA-62891 Online Ordering Systems is a mandatory arrangement and suppliers approved under this arrangement are indicated accordingly.


Flexischools is Australia's leading provider of online ordering and cashless systems for schools, with over 1,000 schools and millions of orders processed.

Do you offer a cashless payment solution for all school services? Flexischools does.

Do you have a customer service team to take care of everything for us? Flexischools does.

Do you provide ongoing support and labels free of charge? Flexischools does.

Do you monitor our canteen orders to ensure 100% fulfillment? Flexischools does.

Do you have an AFSL license to operate in Australia? Flexischools does.

Ask the right questions. Choose the right solution.


Call 1300 361 769 Email

Visit Flexischools

Other useful resources

State schools and Parents and Citizens (P&C) Associations can now choose from a selection of discounted online ordering systems, following a newly established standing offer arrangement with the Department of Education and Training.These systems allow parents to place orders for tuckshop items, uniforms, books and event ticketing.

Key features include:

  • discounted pricing
  • funds deposited into customer accounts at least weekly
  • support, training and set-up assistance
  • agreed performance levels (99 percent availability)
  • compliance with the department's privacy and security requirements.

To explore the products and corresponding pricing, go to the Online Ordering Systems (DETSOA-62891) OnePortal page in the links below (only school staff can view this page.) Please note: DETSOA-62891 Online Ordering Systems is a mandatory arrangement. State schools and P&C associations should use the suppliers in this agreement. Other discounted online educational services are available to state schools. School staff can see what's available via the Online Educational Services catalogue, also available in the links below. If you are not a state school staff member and would like to access the links in this article, please ask a school staff member for help.

Independant and Catholic schools are encouraged to contact the service providers listed above directly to discuss a proposal suitable for your school community.

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